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Tea Party 2.0

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April 15, was a wonderful day. Over a million people participated in tea party rallies across the nation on that day. It was our shining moment.

Three weeks later, that now seems like a distant memory. The national leadership has splintered and shattered and the scene has been repeated at many local levels. Where there was once unity, there is now chaos. And while this happens, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil continues to destroy the country.

I have been saying that we had until 2010 to stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil. I no longer believe that. I believe we have to evolve the tea party movement into a potent political force now to change votes in congress before the big votes come up shortly on cap and trade, national health care, massive tax hikes, etc. We have to draw a line in the sand and stand and fight, while we still can.

I propose we start what I am calling tea party 2.0: The tea party minutemen. We need to target at least ten senators and up to 50 or even more congressmen to try and change their votes. The congressmen and senators we chose are those who can be influenced. Rinos, blue dog democrats and democrats in predominantly republican states or districts, particularly the senators who are up for election in 2010.

Once we target these Senators and Congressmen, we need activists in the area who can help coordinate protests, using such resources as talk radio (while we still have it) the internet, and other sources to message people about events. We need to stage tea parties in front of the offices of these Senators and Congressmen. Trust me, if 500 to 1000 or more protestors show up in front of the office, the staffers will be calling Washington. When these Senators and Congressmen come home for events, we are there with hundreds of protestors. Most politicians are cowards. They are thinking about either their reelection or moving up the political food chain. We need to put the fear of the American people into them so that they will think long and hard before voting for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

In Tennessee, we have two RINO senators to target. Of the 9 members of the Tennessee congressional delegation, the 4 Republicans are more or less solid. 2 of the democrats are hopeless cases (Cooper and Cohen). But there are three congressmen in TN who I think are vulnerable. These three are from districts that either have been Republican or are trending Republican/Conservative.

We need to assemble members of our movement who are willing and able to come, sometimes on short notice to these offices to put pressure on these elected officials to stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda while we still can.

I have been asked, what do we need to do next? Here is the plan.

We need volunteers to help in particular states. We need to target Senators and congressmen who may be vulnerable and might buckle under some pressure.

As soon as we identify these senators and congressmen, we need to get people to start hitting them with faxes, emails, letters and calls. We need to start flexing our political muscles now!

There are several important bills coming up soon. The “hate crimes” bill, the silence talk radio bill, Cap and Trade, National health care, to name a few. There are more out there.

If you are interested in working in your State or Congressional delegation, please email me through this blog or come to

Finally, while I claim credit for this idea, I do not own this idea, just as no one owns this movement. We need to act and we need to act now. That means it doesn’t matter which “group” you are affiliated with. Be it NTPLC, TPN, TPP, 9/12 or any other group, we need people to get involved now. If you have friends you know that might be interested, share this blog with them. Ask them to email me. I’m not trying to be the leader here, only the organizer. And if anyone wants to help with that, please email me at the blog or get on

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil has not stopped, even though we have had a bad couple of weeks. We need unity NOW! We don’t have to all belong to the same group or even like each other. We do have to work together.


Where do we go from here?

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Where do we go from here?

On April 15th, tea parties will be held across the country. Hundreds of tea parties with thousands and probably millions of people attending. But what happens after the tea parties?

Where do we go from here?

Since the tea party movement exploded two months ago, I have had a chance to speak with leaders of the tea party movement across the country. With some of them, you speak of the Republican Party, they step back in horror. I can imagine them like an old country priest, seeing an apparition of Satan, hurling holy water and crossing themselves at the mention of the GOP.

Folks, we need to have a reality check.

We have to stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil. It is that simple. IF we do not win back congress in 2010, we will never do it. So with that in mind, what do we do?

The simple fact of the matter is in America, we have a two party system. The Democrats are wholly owned by George Soros, Moveon, Acorn and other radical groups. That leaves only the Republican Party. I know many will scream the Republicans got us into this mess. I agree. For conservatives, Bush was a disaster and the congress from 99-07 did the conservatives no favors. But if we just throw out the party, we will not stop the Democrats.

The left’s talking points are already out. One of them is that we are “just a Republican group.” Part of the strategy of this is to make us say, “No, we aren’t Republicans,” and make us decide to stand back and get away from the party. That strategy is called “divide and conquer.” It works. Just ask George H. W. Bush about that. Mention Ross Perot and see how history might have been different.

Where do we go from here? On April 16th, we need to be involved. I tell people I do not want the Republican Party to take over the Tea Party Movement. I want the Tea Party Movement to take over the Republican Party.

We have to act now to save America. If we do not, there maybe no America left to save.

Obama: Epic Fail

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Obama has been in the Oval Office for 50 days now. It does seem like an eternity. Sort of like when you are in the dentist chair, he is still working on your teeth and the painkiller is wearing off!

Obama has pushed through a horrendous agenda and he is not done yet. While millions of Americans are suffering through the worst economy in decades, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of fiscal evil parties every Wednesday at the White House. American consumers are eating budget conscious cubed steak, but Martinis and Waguy steak are the order of the day at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Waguy steak, in case you have never of it, runs for about one hundred dollars a pound. Perhaps the great leader, the great scholar has never heard of Marie Antoinette? Can anyone say, “Let them eat cake?” If this were a Republican in the White House, the drive by media would be all over this story. Instead, average Americans are losing their jobs and worried about providing for their families as Obama parties with the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Unlike the Obama’s, average Americans are not eating gourmet food. Some of them are lucky to be getting mystery meat at the Kroger sale, “don’t ask, don’t tell” counter.

Obama has his dedicated followers and even though his first fifty days in the Oval Office have been nothing short of a disaster, his sycophants rush to his defense. Despite their wild claims that he is helping the economy, the numbers simply show otherwise.

Numbers do not lie. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is probably the best, real time, snap shot of the economy. It shows not only the current confidence business leaders have in the economy, but also their belief in future events. The economy is like a large ship. It does not turn immediately. The Obama worshippers are quick to point out that he inherited a bad economy. They are right, he did. They are also quick to blame former President Bush. Bush does deserve a significant portion of the blame for the economy. But here is a clue. Bush is down in Crawford, Texas, on the ranch. He can neither sign nor veto legislation. He no longer leads the country. He does not even get to tool around on Air Force One any more.

On October 9, 2007, the Dow hit it’s all time high of 14,164. On January 20, 2009, when Obama and his two Congressional cohorts took charge, the buck stopped on his desk. Since January 20, as of March 7th, the Dow stood at 6627. For the year, the Dow has lost 24%. While Obama did not step in to the big chair until January 20th, his partners in the Economic Axis of Evil have been there since before January. They are destroying the economy. If this continues at its present rate, the Dow will be close to zero by the end of the year.

Obama/Reid/Pelosi show no sign of wanting to do anything to help the average American nor help Wall Street. I have expressed the opinion before that I believe they want a massive economic crash, so they can reconstruct the United States as a country we will not recognize. I personally believe they want the United States reduced to be no longer the world’s sole military and economic superpower.

So far, they are doing a good job at that.

Stimulus we can believe in

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Yesterday, my wife told me about one of the financial talkers on cable and a proposal that he made. I think it was Jim Cramer of CNBC, but since I have seen neither a video clip nor a blog where he makes this proposal, I will not attribute it to him.

There is no doubt the economy is in trouble. If I had my way, we would be doing massive tax cuts to stimulate the economy, along with reasonable spending reductions until we come out of this. Unfortunately, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil does not believe in tax cuts. While I want Obama’s policies to fail, I do not want America to fail. We need a stimulus and this is one that would work.

One major part of our current economic disaster is the housing market. One in nine are believed to be either behind on their mortgage or facing foreclosure. So far, the only proposals for bailouts from the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of fiscal evil have been to bail out the cheats and the deadbeats. For these people, it does not matter if you give them a 4% mortgage and bail them out. They still can not pay. All they are doing is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

How about something for the rest of us? How about something those of us who played by the rules? How about something for those of us who did it right?

The proposal is simple. Everyone who has a mortgage can qualify for a 4% government backed mortgage. This would work wonders for the economy. For most middle class people, this would lower their payments by hundreds of dollars a month and give them at least one month where they would not have to pay a mortgage. Where would this money go? Some of it would probably go to pay off bills. Some of it would go into the economy to buy things. People will buy cars, appliances, have their houses remodeled. They will do any number of things, but the money will go into the economy and help keep their neighbor employed!

This is a stimulus for Americans who work hard and do as they are told. This is a stimulus we can believe in.

The Death of the American Dream

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The American dream, as we know it is going to die this year. Cause of death? It was legislated to death by the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of fiscal evil.

The American dream. We all know it. Everyone expects to grow up and own their own home. What people want as a home is as varied as the people in America. Some want a small zero lot line, while others want the traditional suburban home. Some want rehabs in a gentrified community while others want a nice house and forty (or more) acres. Some want mansions. Regardless, that home is the American dream. After this year, it will die.

The legislation that will kill the American dream is the new bankruptcy code. It is yet another manufactured crisis. The Federal government created most of the foreclosure crisis, encouraging or even forcing banks and mortgage companies to make what can only be described as risky mortgages. Mortgages were given to people who could not qualify in any rational sense for a loan. A few years ago, “No Doc” loans or stated income loans became popular. Some of my friends in the mortgage industry called them “liar loans,” as it would be obviously on many of the applications, the people were simply lying about income and assets. This does not even count the loans given to illegal aliens.

Now that the chickens have come home to roost, the democrats, the one’s who are primarily responsible for us being in this mess, now offer another screwed up solution. The House is currently working on passing new bankruptcy legislation. This new bankruptcy code has what is called a “cram down” provision. While, as of this writing, it is not finalized, it will allow bankruptcy judges to “rewrite” mortgages, including reducing the amount of principle owed to the lender.

In bankruptcy, creditors are given certain priorities. It is no shock that the government has the highest priority. It is followed by secured creditors and then unsecured creditors (such as credit cards). When someone goes into bankruptcy, the unsecured creditors will often only get pennies on the dollar. Secured creditors are either fully paid or they get their collateral (e.g. a home) back.

Under this new bankruptcy law, a bankruptcy judge will be able to slice the amount of the principle owed. While some of this may “help” people who are down on their luck, such as someone who got laid off and cannot find work, the primary beneficiaries of this new law are going to be the irresponsible people who went out and bought houses they could not possibly afford. As is typical Democratic policy, the prudent and productive are going to be screwed.

The Democrats are sending a message. Greed and dishonesty pay. Do not follow the rules. Just steal!

The real losers are going to be the American people. The reason credit card companies charge such high interest rates is the risk involved. I do not know the exact number, but a huge percentage of credit card customers default in one way or another. Credit card companies frequently are forced to write off that debt. Mortgages are another story. Until now, mortgages have been protected and therefore good investments for banks. No more.

When this new law becomes effective, you will see the end of mortgages, as you know them. While most zero down loans are dead anyway, you will now see ten percent (or higher) mortgage rates as the norm. Banks will tighten lending requirements. Ten or twenty percent down payments will be the norm. Two generations ago, young couples would have to save for years for the down payment for their first home.

This is simply another frontal assault on the American way of life by the Democrats. They want to destroy the stock market, small business, and home ownership.


It is simple. Research shows that if you own your own home, have a 401(k) or otherwise invest in the stock market or own a business, you are much more likely to vote Republican. If you are dependent on the government, you are much more likely to vote Democrat. Obama/Reid/Pelosi want the Democrats to be in power for decades. And this is all a part of their plane to make America, a one party nation.