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It’s time to boycott Los Angeles

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 13, 2010 by judsonwheelerphillips

It’s time to boycott Los Angeles

In case you have been on another planet, in a coma or a monastery and have not been following the news, the State of Arizona has decided to declare war in illegal immigration.

I do not blame them. The illegal immigrants are declaring war on Arizona. While the federal government does nothing, illegal immigration brings crime and lawlessness to the southern part of Arizona that they have not seen since the frontier days. For southern Arizona, illegal immigration does not mean press “1” for English. It means murder.

Fed up, Arizona has fought back. Their first law is a new law that allows the police to ask about immigration status if there is a reasonable suspicion the person who is under arrest is an illegal alien. The next law, which is coming, will make it a crime to be in Arizona if you are not in this country legally.

Predictably, the pro-illegal advocates and anti-American, open borders crowd has gone nuts. The most recent addition to their hysteria has been the City of Los Angeles, which has voted to boycott Arizona and break contracts with Arizona based businesses.

The nuts that run Los Angeles are pretty clueless. They are all, far left, anti-America, open borders, pander to the illegals loons. There is no reason why we should suffer these fools.

My wife and I were talking about our plans for the days following the National Tea Party Unity Convention ( and she had suggested we spend a few days in LA.

Not after what they have just done.

Either before or after the convention, we are going to Arizona. We are going to show the kids the Grand Caynon and we are going to spend money in Arizona and support Arizona.

I think everyone who agrees with Arizona and it’s fight against illegal immigration should do the same thing. So here is a new tool in our belt to fight liberalism. Go visit the Grand Canyon and thank Arizona for what they’re doing!