Obama’s immigration bizarro world!

Cookeville, Tennessee is a pretty southern town on the Cumberland Plateau. It is home to Tennessee Tech University and now to the latest example of the Obama Regime Bizarro World Immigration scam.

In 2004, an illegal alien voted in the Presidential election. That is not shocking. The left has tried for decades to make it possible for illegals to vote, the dead to vote, liberals to vote multiple times and even those who don’t exist to vote. Any votes necessary so liberals can steal elections.

Fast forward to 2010. Putnam County, Tennessee Director of Elections, Debbie Steidl gets a letter from the Department of Homeland Security, directing her to purge this illegal alien off of her voter rolls. This is good, right? Getting an illegal alien off the voting rolls?

Wrong! DHS tells her that his name needs to be purged so it can clear the way for him to get citizenship.

In order to vote in Tennessee, this man had to present a social security number, two forms of identification and sign an affidavit, under penalty of perjury that he was an American citizen! This man committed at least three felonies: voter fraud, identity theft and perjury. What does the Obama regime want to do with him? Forget arresting and deporting him, they want to give him the greatest gift in the world, American citizenship!

As we are nine weeks out from the elections, this story is a reminder that elections matter and a reminder that we must throw out of office all of those who make this kind of nonsense possible! Pass this story along to your friends and make sure, this November, they are out voting, voting out the liberals who want to sell out our country for the sake of their power.


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