The Battle for Nevada

If there is one thing members of the Tea Party Movement agree on, it is that Harry Reid needs to go. What members of the Tea Party Movement do not agree on is how he is replaced.

The simple fact of the matter is, there is no Tea Party Candidate in Nevada. There are several good candidates, including Danny Tarkanian. Earlier today, Tea Party Nation issued the following statement:

While our policy has been and continues to be one of not endorsing a specific candidate in the primaries, but to have the candidates endorse the Tea Party Movement there has been so much misinformation about some races we feel we have to make a statement.

In Nevada, Sharon Angle is not the only conservative candidate running in this race. Danny Tarkanian is every bit a conservative and constitutional patriot. We can no longer stand aside and let misinformation about the Nevada race go uncontested. It’s up to the voters in Nevada to decide whom they deem their best representative.

In California this same misinformation for the Governor’s race is taking place.

Our founding fathers did not stand idly by and neither can Tea Party Nation. We believe each voter in each district should decide who best represents their values.

I do not live in Nevada, though I have some very good friends that do. I believe that the people of Nevada and the members of the Tea Party groups in Nevada are the ones who should decide who represents Nevada in the United States Senate. The claim that there is a Tea Party candidate in Nevada is simply not true. Different candidates have been endorsed by different Tea Party groups. After June 8, there maybe a Tea Party candidate, but we are not there yet. Danny Tarkanian has been unjustly maligned as someone who should not be in the race and someone who is unworthy of Tea Party support. Both statements are not supported by the facts.

I encourage my friends in Nevada to talk to the candidates and make up their own minds.

May the best conservative candidate chosen by the people of Nevada, win!,


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