The Arrogance of Obama

The arrogance of Obama

Obama is finally coming home after his groveling tour among third world leaders. The only exception was at the beaches of Normandy, where he at least had the good graces not to say what he really thinks about the American military, then or now.

Obama flew home on Air Force One leaving his wife and children in Paris for an extra day of shopping. Apparently no one is raising any concerns about this.

Why is it a concern if they want to go shopping?

Perhaps they should consider this: Our country is hovering near 10% unemployment. If the Obamas want to do some shopping, how about shopping in this country. How about shopping and buying American made products? After all, some of the people who made those products actually voted for the teleprompter in chief.

But more importantly and never mentioned by the slobbering Obama-media, is the cost of this. When the first family is out and about, they have security costs. I do not complain about their security, because, no mater how much I dislike them, I do not want to see something happen to them. But, those costs are a lot higher when they are overseas than when they are here at home. Just as important, how are they going to get home? Some how, I do not see Michelle and the girls flying coach on a Delta transatlantic flight. My guess is Obama is either going to send the VC-25 (aka 747) back for them or a C-32 (Aka a 757). Either way, this extra day of shopping is going to cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

When Obama is not groveling in front of third world tyrants, his arrogance towards the American people is amazing. He stiffs us with debt that we may never be able to pay off and he celebrates by inviting cronies to the White House for Martinis and $100 a pound steak. He wants a cool photo of Air Force One so his office scares the daylights out of New York at a cost of at least half a million dollars. He wants a date with Michele, so what does he do? Rustles up an Air Force plane and takes it to New York at a cost of at least $250,000 and probably a whole lot more.

Obama’s attitude is typical of liberals. He seems to confuse the term public servant. It means he serves the public, not the public is his servant. We do not live and pay taxes just so he can gallivant around and have a good time. These are tough times for Americans. The teleprompter in chief should realize that and act accordingly.

Of course, in another 513 days we will give him an education on what the American people think of his arrogance.


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