My independence (from China) day

My independence (from China) day.

One of the things that has really grated on me for the last couple of years is how hard it is to find products that are made in America. I deliberately look to see the place of manufacture. Most of the time, if it is made in China, I take a pass. That has not been a hard and fast rule.

Until now.

I am not sure what set me off. I think it was the announcement that Hummer was being sold to China. Hummer is a big, tough, rugged, all American vehicle. Like the jeep of half a century earlier, it got it’s inspiration from the vehicle used by the American military. Yet this American icon will now be owned by a Chinese company. For the last twenty years, we have been selling out our manufacturing base to China and financing an absurd level of spending on a Chinese credit card.

No more.

At least not on my part. If it is made in China, I am not buying it. This is going to be tough, since my kids’ toys are mostly made in China. We will just have to find something else.

With the Obama administration bound and determined to destroy the American economy, there are few things we can do until the 2010 election. One of the few things we can do is to help our neighbors by buying American and not Chinese.

If it is made in China, leave it on the shelf!


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