Tea Party 2.0

April 15, was a wonderful day. Over a million people participated in tea party rallies across the nation on that day. It was our shining moment.

Three weeks later, that now seems like a distant memory. The national leadership has splintered and shattered and the scene has been repeated at many local levels. Where there was once unity, there is now chaos. And while this happens, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil continues to destroy the country.

I have been saying that we had until 2010 to stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil. I no longer believe that. I believe we have to evolve the tea party movement into a potent political force now to change votes in congress before the big votes come up shortly on cap and trade, national health care, massive tax hikes, etc. We have to draw a line in the sand and stand and fight, while we still can.

I propose we start what I am calling tea party 2.0: The tea party minutemen. We need to target at least ten senators and up to 50 or even more congressmen to try and change their votes. The congressmen and senators we chose are those who can be influenced. Rinos, blue dog democrats and democrats in predominantly republican states or districts, particularly the senators who are up for election in 2010.

Once we target these Senators and Congressmen, we need activists in the area who can help coordinate protests, using such resources as talk radio (while we still have it) the internet, and other sources to message people about events. We need to stage tea parties in front of the offices of these Senators and Congressmen. Trust me, if 500 to 1000 or more protestors show up in front of the office, the staffers will be calling Washington. When these Senators and Congressmen come home for events, we are there with hundreds of protestors. Most politicians are cowards. They are thinking about either their reelection or moving up the political food chain. We need to put the fear of the American people into them so that they will think long and hard before voting for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

In Tennessee, we have two RINO senators to target. Of the 9 members of the Tennessee congressional delegation, the 4 Republicans are more or less solid. 2 of the democrats are hopeless cases (Cooper and Cohen). But there are three congressmen in TN who I think are vulnerable. These three are from districts that either have been Republican or are trending Republican/Conservative.

We need to assemble members of our movement who are willing and able to come, sometimes on short notice to these offices to put pressure on these elected officials to stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda while we still can.

I have been asked, what do we need to do next? Here is the plan.

We need volunteers to help in particular states. We need to target Senators and congressmen who may be vulnerable and might buckle under some pressure.

As soon as we identify these senators and congressmen, we need to get people to start hitting them with faxes, emails, letters and calls. We need to start flexing our political muscles now!

There are several important bills coming up soon. The “hate crimes” bill, the silence talk radio bill, Cap and Trade, National health care, to name a few. There are more out there.

If you are interested in working in your State or Congressional delegation, please email me through this blog or come to TeaPartyNation.com.

Finally, while I claim credit for this idea, I do not own this idea, just as no one owns this movement. We need to act and we need to act now. That means it doesn’t matter which “group” you are affiliated with. Be it NTPLC, TPN, TPP, 9/12 or any other group, we need people to get involved now. If you have friends you know that might be interested, share this blog with them. Ask them to email me. I’m not trying to be the leader here, only the organizer. And if anyone wants to help with that, please email me at the blog or get on Teapartynation.com.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil has not stopped, even though we have had a bad couple of weeks. We need unity NOW! We don’t have to all belong to the same group or even like each other. We do have to work together.


5 Responses to “Tea Party 2.0”

  1. Cooper may be in a safe seat, but i would not write him off. He has an independent streak – In 1993/94 he helped derail Hillary care, and he has been a consistent critic of large deficits (though much milder in his criticisms of Obama than of Bush). But he should still feel the heat – and demonstrations in his district/at his offices provide opportunities for the Nashville media market.

    • judsonwheelerphillips Says:

      I think he is less receptive to pressure than some of the others, but I am all for making him feel the heat too!

  2. Stanley Evans Says:

    The Idea is great I have already been very active in working with our Reps and Senators.I spam them I guess you could say Email,Fax,even mailed letters on a regular basis.I am willing to help as much as possible with what ever is needed.I will not always be free on a moments notice
    ,but will participate as much as is possible.

  3. Hala Lawton Says:

    Judson, I am with you 100% you can count on me to do whatever is needed…I also hope everyone can put aside whatever it is..and we all unite…because Our Mission will Conquer in Numbers, with all States United, Not only one State with small numbers (or one group) will we conquer…
    Please everyone let’s unite. WE All want the same thing..We can not let Obama/Pelosi/Reed win…They are out to destroy this Great Nation of ours…Stand United!

  4. Similar thoughts on changing “Tea Party Tactics” shared at

    The key is that this not be done as national, top-down political targeting. It really needs to be driven at the grassroots level by local opposition to their own incumbents, and commitment to find better alternatives.

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