President Pantywaist

President Pantywaist strikes again.

We all know what has happened. Obama went to Europe on the “we surrender” tour. As he left Washington from his latest round of epic failure, a North Korean sat on a launching pad. To no one’s surprise, despite the warnings from the Obama messiah, Kim Jong Il lit the fuse and sent his little missile flying into the Pacific Ocean.

At the time of the launch, the US Navy had two Aegis equipped, Arleigh Burke class Destroyers in the area. They were both capable of shooting down that missile. It is obvious that the President had order the Navy, before the launch, not to intercept the missile.

In response to the missile launch and our non-action, President Pantywaist when to the United Nations Security council and got…absolutely nothing. So to truly impress the mentally ill midget who runs North Korea, he announced a 1.4 billion dollar cut in our missile defense budget.

Between bowing to Islam’s equivalent of the Pope and not bowing to the Pope, Obama tried once again to destroy our security. We have three missile defense sites. They have a dozen launchers each. One is near Washington, one is in Alaska and one will be in Poland, unless Obama can manage to give that away, which he seems bound and determined to do.

Russia has hundreds of missiles. So does China. Missile defense will not stop them. Our nuclear deterrent will. What missile defense will do is stop a missile from a rogue nation, like, say, North Korea.

During Obama’s magical mystery tour of the G20 in Europe, the British media was merciless to him. One called Obama a “surrender monkey.” Had that been the American media, there would have been hell to pay. Unfortunately, the truth hurts.


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  1. great post. thanks

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