Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

On April 15th, tea parties will be held across the country. Hundreds of tea parties with thousands and probably millions of people attending. But what happens after the tea parties?

Where do we go from here?

Since the tea party movement exploded two months ago, I have had a chance to speak with leaders of the tea party movement across the country. With some of them, you speak of the Republican Party, they step back in horror. I can imagine them like an old country priest, seeing an apparition of Satan, hurling holy water and crossing themselves at the mention of the GOP.

Folks, we need to have a reality check.

We have to stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil. It is that simple. IF we do not win back congress in 2010, we will never do it. So with that in mind, what do we do?

The simple fact of the matter is in America, we have a two party system. The Democrats are wholly owned by George Soros, Moveon, Acorn and other radical groups. That leaves only the Republican Party. I know many will scream the Republicans got us into this mess. I agree. For conservatives, Bush was a disaster and the congress from 99-07 did the conservatives no favors. But if we just throw out the party, we will not stop the Democrats.

The left’s talking points are already out. One of them is that we are “just a Republican group.” Part of the strategy of this is to make us say, “No, we aren’t Republicans,” and make us decide to stand back and get away from the party. That strategy is called “divide and conquer.” It works. Just ask George H. W. Bush about that. Mention Ross Perot and see how history might have been different.

Where do we go from here? On April 16th, we need to be involved. I tell people I do not want the Republican Party to take over the Tea Party Movement. I want the Tea Party Movement to take over the Republican Party.

We have to act now to save America. If we do not, there maybe no America left to save.


5 Responses to “Where do we go from here?”

  1. “But if we just throw out the party, we will not stop the Democrats.” This is highly unimaginative. You are simply arguing for reproducing the problem rather than solving it. The two party system is the problem.

  2. judsonwheelerphillips Says:

    In a perfect world, we could start a third party. The point is, we do not have time. If we do not take back the congress in 2010, we never will. When I talk about we, I mean the conservative movement, including republicans. If have run for office before and been involved in campaigns for the last 30 years. I can tell you, there is no time to create the infrastructure for a third party. ANd if you want to know what a third party would do, I call your attention back to 92 and 96.

  3. There is no need to ‘start’ a third party. They already exist, have infrastructure, and a base of loyal activists. Two years is not a trivial amount of time to build independent campaigns. In addition, taking the congressional majority away from Democrats does not necessarily entail creating a Republican party majority either. Electing Conservative, Constitution or Libertarian candidates to congress alongside Republicans would accomplish the same. Finally, if the intent is only to defeat the dems then it makes just as much sense to support Green party and socialist party candidates in close races to siphon votes away from the dems.

  4. Victor Cunningham Says:

    Given: the conservatives are a splintered amalgamation of loosely aligned factions right now. It is imperative that TPN not exacerbate the problem. We need to appeal to all forms of conservatism irrespective of party in order to overcome the liberal, progressive, statist agenda. That means a movement that appeals to Repubs, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, etc. Well, follow the money folks. The tax issue is the one issue that will absolutely get everyone onboard, including many left leaning moderates who don’t like the current tax policy either. The Repubs tell us they are itching to regain some trust and fiscal respect…..our misguided and misdirected tax policy is an ideal place to start. Fair tax or flat tax anyone? Let’s start by throwing out every representative and senator who will not pledge support for a massive overhaul of the tax policy. That’s something that everyone can get behind.

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