The Murder of America

The Murder of America

“Great nations do not die. The commit suicide.”

I cannot remember who utter this great quote, but after recent events, perhaps we should say, great nations do not die. They are murdered. And we are watching the murder of America.

Since Obama, Pelosi and Reid formed the axis of fiscal evil, they have, at breathtaking speed, worked to destroy American prosperity and freedom.

Why would anyone do this? Are we not all taught that Americans love this country and only want the best for this country? Does not the drive by media constantly harp that the democrats are the one’s who really love this country?

The simple truth of the matter is that Obama and Pelosi are socialists. Reid is just a little beta male whose office is officially declared a testosterone free zone. Socialists love tyranny. They hate freedom. Tyranny means they keep power and that is what they are all about. Conservatives view fair elections as an election where the people get to decide what they want. Socialists view a fair election as an election they win.

We have now passed through the magical “first 100 days” of the administration. Let’s see what we have. We have the financial collapse of the banking industry. The selection of Tim Geithner, the only man who could do the job, and who we now find out supervised the disasters leading up to the current financial crisis. This same genius now wants the authority to seize any company which as a “risk of failure” which could affect the economy. Basically, he wants the ability to nationalize any company for almost any reason.

We have a 3.6 trillion dollar budget, which will give every American man, woman and child a $25,000 tax bill (without interest). We have the government now stepping into control banks. Even banks that do not want to be controlled are not being allowed to return the TARP money they received. Because of that, the government can now tell banks how much they can pay any employee. They may fire the CEO of the bank at will. They may tell the bank who to loan money to and under what conditions. Does anyone believe that this government would use the banks to help reward political supporters? Of course not. Barack “Acorn” Obama would never do that.

The government has now taken control of GM and Chrysler. Things are so bad for GM that as soon as Obama fired Rick Wagner and a new CEO came in, he promptly announced bankruptcy looked like an attractive option. Anything is an attractive option if it can get the government’s claws out of your business.

The latest bit of horrifying news coming out of Washington is the new “cyber-security” bill being introduced. You can tell any bill introduced by Jay Rockefeller is a bad idea and if is cosponsored by one of the famous “sellout sisters”, Olympia Snowe (RINO-Maine), you know it is a really horrible idea. The Cyber security bill of 2009 allows the government sweeping powers over the Internet. This new bill would allow access to Internet information and Internet networks “deemed critical” to the nation, “without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access.” Perhaps someone should remind those “brilliant” liberals, that there is something in the Fourth Amendment in the Constitution that prohibits just what the congress wants to do.

In addition, there is another provision that allows the White House to disconnect from the Internet any critical infrastructure from the Internet, including private bank accounts, health information and presumably email and websites, if there is a “risk” of cyber attack. The power the government seeks is unbelievable.

Coming later this year, nationalized health care, a cap and trade energy policy that is going to add $3,000 or more to the average American’s energy costs, amnesty for illegal aliens and probably the opposition media suppression act, oops, I mean the fairness doctrine.

America is being murdered by its government! Unfortunately, there is no 911 the people can call.


2 Responses to “The Murder of America”

  1. I wrote this 8 months ago but it is sadly even more true today. To wit:

    A Call To Arms

    Our congress, motivated by years of environmental brainwashing and environmental lobby dollars, has declared war on the American lifestyle. If you like personal transportation, if you like a nice home in the suburbs, if you like freedom and liberty, if you like a food supply that is cheap and safe, if you do not want to be forced to live in an urban jungle close to your job in the city, if you want to use your own car instead of graffitti covered trains and buses, if you enjoy a day on the lake in your boat or like to fly your small airplane to grandmother’s house, if you prefer the incandescent lightbulb over the expensive and mercury laden alternative being mandated by congress, if you believe global warming is another excuse to raise your taxes, if you are disgruntled by the effect of mandating food crops for ethanol and the associated subsidies when there are much more efficient plants (1 acre of corn yields 18 gallons of ethonol, 1 acre of algae yields 872 gallons of ethanol) available, if you do not believe in central planning (communism) and do believe in federalism (states rights) if you want the American government to unravel the reams of regulations that shackle business and are preventing the oil companies in America from drilling for more oil and increasing supply thereby lowering gas prices at the pump, if you believe we need more refineries now and more nuclear power plants now, if you want the government to shrink and take less of your money through taxes, if you believe you are the key to your destiny and only you can make your life better then I do not know what to tell you because conservatives and libertarians have lost their voice and the leaders who profess to be conservative have not stood up to the socialists in our government and provided an alternative that regular folks know is out there. Conservative voices have not been heard and the vacuum has been filled by empty communist promises that make people feel good but only make things worse. And in the end, the people will get what they deserve, be it a pretender like George Bush, who called himself conservative but grew government by 60% and sided with world courts over American courts, or a Jimmy Carter who was just plain wrong on so many things and was a weak leader who is in bed with socialist dictators like Chavez and others.The people will get more of the same until they get good and mad and demand better. And if our government does not do the will of the people, it is our duty as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence “to alter or to abolish it…” These are consequential times and I fear we are “teetering on the brink” and without a majority of Americans standing up and demanding better, we will sadly, get much worse. And most of our children will not see the American dream our men and women in the armed forces have given their blood for.
    What can you do? Call your congressman and demand he sponsor legislation to deregulate the oil industry and nuclear industry now. Call your congresswoman and tell her to help lower gas prices at the pump to insure a strong middle class. Tell congress to quit the communist rhetoric and get down to the business of saving the US economy from high energy prices that will in short order destroy American Auto industry, the Airline industry, the Trucking industry, and will put millions of Americans out of work. Consider throwing out every incumbent in congress at the next election (yes, including yours.) We are being set up for the perfect storm and we must demand action from our leaders now…

    June 2008

  2. […] only to economic freedom, for those who already have a significant amount of money. Bloggers like Free America appear to be under the impression that Obama and Pelosi are systematically working to purposely […]

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