The Stupidest Administration, EVER!

Arrogance and incompetence is a dangerous combination. We have seen it on display, non-stop, since January 20. Every day brings more proof that the Obamamessiah and his administration are stuck on stupid. The most recent pronouncement from Washington takes the cake.

Some detainees at Guantanamo may be released into the United States.

You heard it right. Our dimwit Attorney General Eric Holder thinks we should release Gitmo detainees into the United States. I thought brain damage or serious drug use was a disqualifier for political office. In the Obama administration, it seems to be a prerequisite.

It is bad enough that we would release these people into this country, by the way, far ahead of legal immigrants who have done things by the book, but they would also receive “government assistance” for their transition!

Let’s not forget how those people got to Guantanamo. They did not simply make a wrong turn somewhere. They were ENEMY COMBATANTS! They were fighting against the United States, seeking the destruction of our country! In Gitmo, they regularly throw feces and bodily fluids on American military personnel who serve as guards there. They regularly threaten them and try to do them bodily harm. These people revere Osama Bin Laden and want to see a Taliban style government around the world.

What genius thinks letting these people into the country is a good idea? In the pantheon of bad ideas, this one is at the top.

In 2007, the United States released Abdullah Ghulam Rasoul from Guantanamo. Rasoul tearfully announced he just wanted to return to his family. He returned to his family all right. His family is the Taliban, where he is the in charge of operations against American soldiers in Afghanistan. He is just one of a shocking number of ex Guantanamo detainees who have returned to terrorism upon their release from custody. Their recidivism rate is even greater than the broken American penal system.

Yet, this administration wants to release these people into the United States.

Jihadists around the world are rejoicing.


2 Responses to “The Stupidest Administration, EVER!”

  1. Godless American Says:

    I’m sorry you don’t have any respect for law and order. None of those people were convicted of anything, nothing, nada. How should we treat people that are innocent until proven guilty? Hmmm… think about it.

  2. judsonwheelerphillips Says:

    This is why liberals should never be in charge of National Security. These terrorists are not facing criminal charges. They are prisoners of war. Actually they don’t even get that status because they are not a part of a recognizable armed force. THe closest analogy would be that of pirates. However, liberals can’t figure that one out.

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