Another Stupid Idea

Another Stupid Idea

If you want to know about a stupid idea, you can generally find it advocated in the pages of Nashville’s really terrible newspaper, the “Tennessean.”

Today’s news was no different. Tennessee Senator Bill Ketron as proposed a bill requiring photo identification if you are going to vote. This makes sense. If you are going to board an airplane, you have to have an ID. If you are going to cash a check, you have to have an ID. If you are going to buy cigarettes or liquor, you are asked for an ID. So why not for voting?

The wing nut editorial writers for the Tennessean, a newspaper who’s only redeeming value is the coupon and it’s use as a litter pan liner, raises the straw man argument that “low income elderly” and “disabled” will feel “stigmatized” by this. There is no proof of this silly argument, but since when has proof ever stopped liberals or editorial writers from the Tennessean from advancing an idiotic argument?

Liberals want the standard to be “feelings”, not something more objective like, oh, fair and accurate elections and keeping fraud out of elections. But if we are going to go by feelings, let me tell you the story of a friend of mine. He has voted faithfully in every election since he was old enough to vote. A few years ago, his car was broken into and his wallet stolen. A couple of months after the break in, my friend went to vote in the election. To his surprise, he was told he had already voted. Someone had taken his voter registration card, which has no photo of the citizen, and without the requirement of proof of identification, stole my friend’s vote. So, editor of the Tennessean, how do you think my friend felt, not being able to vote, thanks to being the victim of a crime? Oh, wait; you do not care about that.

The editors of the Tennessean are all liberal democrats and like democrats everywhere, they are not interested in fair elections. They are only interested in elections they can steal.

Of course, there is another election going on that the editors of the Tennessean cannot steal. The consumers of Tennessee are voting with their wallets and the Tennessean may well be out of business soon.

Now that is change I can believe in!


One Response to “Another Stupid Idea”

  1. If I have to show my id, and sign some paper, just to get cold medicine, I think it’s more than fair to require people to PROVE they are eligible to vote.

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