RINO fever

Tennessee has contributed some good politicians to the national scene in recent years. Fred Thompson, Marsha Blackburn and Zach Wamp are just a few. Unfortunately, there is also an establishment wing of the party that sends us fairly worthless Republicans and manages to get them elected.

Currently, we have two. Senator Bob Corker (RINO-TN) and Senator Lamar Alexander (RINO-TN). Lamar has one of the ultimate political resumes. He was a two-term governor, President Reagan’s secretary of Education, a presidential candidate himself, and unfortunately, he came out of retirement to go back to the United States Senate and defeating a good conservative.

Now, Lamar is in full RINO fever.

Yesterday, it was reported Lamar announced that he was opposing the so-called cap and trade program, only because we are in a recession. Otherwise, he thinks it is fine. According to Lamar, “I’m open, as are several other Republicans, to cap and trade …” Further, Lamar said, “I am very reluctant to impose any sort of cap-and-trade, even on power plants, this year in the middle of a big recession.”

What he is saying is, if we were not in the middle of a painful recession, this would be a good idea. Earth to Lamar. Here are a few facts:

First, MAN MADE global warming is a myth.
Second, this is a tax and it is a bad tax. This is just another burden on the middle class, who do not need any more burdens right now.
Third, cap and trade is simply going to hobble the economy, while major polluters, such as China and India not only do not suffer, but continue to pollute and gain an economic advantage over us!

In case you missed the Tea Parties last month, there are a lot of Tennesseans who are not happy about this and Tennessee, as least for the moment, is the only state that is going to have a tea party in every county. Tennesseans, the people you work for, LAMAR, are not happy about this. We do not want more taxes. We want less taxes and less insane spending. Remember the words of Reagan, “Government isn’t the solution. It is the problem!”

You are contributing to the problem.


One Response to “RINO fever”

  1. And Lamar just got re-elected. Oh we have a lot of work to do….

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