Barry Zito is an American Hero

Every March, spring training starts for Baseball. Some of the teams go to Florida. Others go to the Cactus league in Arizona. Spring training is a nice, but rarely memorable event. But something happened in the last few days that is worth mentioning.

Last Sunday, at Glendale Stadium, a spring training game was held. Among the spectators, were seventeen men. These were no ordinary men. They were seventeen Marines. Seventeen combat wounded Marines.

During the 5th inning break, the stadium announcer introduced them and then the Marines stood at attention while the Marine Corp Hymn was played. They received a standing ovation from the crowd. When the game ended, these Marines slowly climbed the stairs to leave the stadium. The entire way, people stood, applauded, and cheered these American heros.

While this story is great on it’s face, it gets even better.

Airfare and hotel expenses for these men was paid for by San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito.

Barry, you are an American hero and a patriot and I am now a Giants/Barry Zito fan!


One Response to “Barry Zito is an American Hero”

  1. Thank You.
    That’s a very nice story about Barry.
    He does sooooooo much MORE for the troops.
    He never, ever advertises what he’s doing, nor how much he’s REALLY giving.
    100% of every penny that is donated is given to the troops family and the troops themselves, as Barry pays 100% of ALL administration costs.
    Guys like Manny, A-Rod, Peavey, etc. etc., and sooooooo many more also donate to Barry’s foundation titled: Strikeouts For Troops, (
    Batters donate for categories of their own choosing such as, RBI’s, Hit’s, Home Runs, etc.
    I believe Barry donates $400-$500. per each of his own strikeouts.
    At each All Star Game he donates $500. Dollars per each strikeout, irrespective of who the pitcher is.
    Additionally, he visits wounded troops all year long in various hospitals around the country.
    Throughout the year, he pays for, and houses entire ‘wound-soldier’ families and then transports (by air), these ‘wounded-soldier’ families so they can visit and be with their wounded loved ones at these various hospitals.
    He buys quite a bit of clothing for these soldiers because most of them are dead broke when they get out, etc. etc. etc.
    On top of that, he donates a portion of his annual salary to Strikeouts For Troops, plus donating another part of it to build Little League Baseball Fields in various parts of the San Francisco area.
    Although he engages a public relations firm, he never allows them to advertise the many things he does for the Troops, or for Kids, or for the many ‘ordinary’ people he meets, who are sometimes, ‘down & out’, etc. etc, etc. etc.

    If you can’t tell by now …….. ‘He is an extra-ordinary’ type of human being.

    Anyway, that’s it for now.

    There’s no need to print any of this, as my intent in telling you this was only meant to inform you of things you may not have known about him.

    Well, you take care, and …… Thank You again for writing a ‘nice’ story about Barry.

    The very best of everything to you and your loved ones.

    Joseph Zito

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