Obama: Total and Complete Epic Fail

I think I maybe wrong and it maybe worse than I think.

In a number of my past blogs, I have implied or even come out and said that I believed Obama was deliberately trying to destroy the economy to achieve his goals.

H.L Mencken once said, “Never attribute to malice, that which can be adequately explained by human stupidity!” Mencken maybe right.

Obama has screwed up almost everything he has tried since he came into office. Now the latest gaffe offers an explanation and a frightening one at that.

The Telegraph of London has been reporting on the recent disastrous visit to Washington by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. For the last century, Britain has been our closest ally. When Gordon Brown, a socialist, much like Obama, came to America for what was supposed to be the great uniting. There were even announcements of an upcoming “global new deal.”

Then Team Obama basically blew off Gordon Brown. There was no formal state dinner. No joint press conference. None of the normal trappings of a major state visit. The British were not happy, to put it mildly. Obama, even allegedly called Gordon Brown on his flight back to Great Britain to try and make amends. The British pushed the Obama administration for an explanation. The explanation was stunning.

Given the background of Obama and some of his people, a change of direction in American policy might have not been a great explanation, but it would have been one. Instead, the Obama people simply announced he was “overwhelmed.”

While we are not exactly rookies at this game we call politics, the British are experts. They have had centuries of experience in pulling out the long knives. Now the Telegraph of London has told the world what Team Obama told Gordon Brown. Team Obama has announced they are so clueless, they do not know what they are doing and do not know how to run a government.

The world is a dangerous place in ordinary times. These are no ordinary times. North Korea is trying to build a bomb and now has ICBM’s that can reach at least some American territory. Iran is very, very close to the bomb and is building missiles that can put satellites in orbit. Russia and China are rattling sabers and Islamic mass terror remains a threat.

Speaking of Islamic terror and incompetence, Obama has announced in the New York Times, that we are losing the war in Afghanistan and that he wants to negotiate with “moderate” elements of the Taliban.

Does he not remember September 11th? How do you negotiate with a group whose primary aim is not only your destruction, but your death? “Can we live two more days?”

I joked during the election that Joe Biden was selected as the Vice President because no one would ever want to see Obama removed and that dunce put in the Oval Office. That joke now seems more prophetic than ever, as not even 60 days into his term of office; Team Obama has become Team Incompetent.

Obama has only made it through four percent of his term. Let’s hope America can survive the remaining ninety six percent!


One Response to “Obama: Total and Complete Epic Fail”

  1. I fear for the American people. They wanted change, but what they got was an individual that personifies ‘style over substance’. He may be a great talker, but he is clearly not well read, somehow, I don’t think things are going to get any better..though I hope they will, for all our sakes.

    One of the 65m people snubbed by President Obama.

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