Obama: Epic Fail

Obama has been in the Oval Office for 50 days now. It does seem like an eternity. Sort of like when you are in the dentist chair, he is still working on your teeth and the painkiller is wearing off!

Obama has pushed through a horrendous agenda and he is not done yet. While millions of Americans are suffering through the worst economy in decades, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of fiscal evil parties every Wednesday at the White House. American consumers are eating budget conscious cubed steak, but Martinis and Waguy steak are the order of the day at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Waguy steak, in case you have never of it, runs for about one hundred dollars a pound. Perhaps the great leader, the great scholar has never heard of Marie Antoinette? Can anyone say, “Let them eat cake?” If this were a Republican in the White House, the drive by media would be all over this story. Instead, average Americans are losing their jobs and worried about providing for their families as Obama parties with the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Unlike the Obama’s, average Americans are not eating gourmet food. Some of them are lucky to be getting mystery meat at the Kroger sale, “don’t ask, don’t tell” counter.

Obama has his dedicated followers and even though his first fifty days in the Oval Office have been nothing short of a disaster, his sycophants rush to his defense. Despite their wild claims that he is helping the economy, the numbers simply show otherwise.

Numbers do not lie. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is probably the best, real time, snap shot of the economy. It shows not only the current confidence business leaders have in the economy, but also their belief in future events. The economy is like a large ship. It does not turn immediately. The Obama worshippers are quick to point out that he inherited a bad economy. They are right, he did. They are also quick to blame former President Bush. Bush does deserve a significant portion of the blame for the economy. But here is a clue. Bush is down in Crawford, Texas, on the ranch. He can neither sign nor veto legislation. He no longer leads the country. He does not even get to tool around on Air Force One any more.

On October 9, 2007, the Dow hit it’s all time high of 14,164. On January 20, 2009, when Obama and his two Congressional cohorts took charge, the buck stopped on his desk. Since January 20, as of March 7th, the Dow stood at 6627. For the year, the Dow has lost 24%. While Obama did not step in to the big chair until January 20th, his partners in the Economic Axis of Evil have been there since before January. They are destroying the economy. If this continues at its present rate, the Dow will be close to zero by the end of the year.

Obama/Reid/Pelosi show no sign of wanting to do anything to help the average American nor help Wall Street. I have expressed the opinion before that I believe they want a massive economic crash, so they can reconstruct the United States as a country we will not recognize. I personally believe they want the United States reduced to be no longer the world’s sole military and economic superpower.

So far, they are doing a good job at that.


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