Stimulus we can believe in

Yesterday, my wife told me about one of the financial talkers on cable and a proposal that he made. I think it was Jim Cramer of CNBC, but since I have seen neither a video clip nor a blog where he makes this proposal, I will not attribute it to him.

There is no doubt the economy is in trouble. If I had my way, we would be doing massive tax cuts to stimulate the economy, along with reasonable spending reductions until we come out of this. Unfortunately, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil does not believe in tax cuts. While I want Obama’s policies to fail, I do not want America to fail. We need a stimulus and this is one that would work.

One major part of our current economic disaster is the housing market. One in nine are believed to be either behind on their mortgage or facing foreclosure. So far, the only proposals for bailouts from the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of fiscal evil have been to bail out the cheats and the deadbeats. For these people, it does not matter if you give them a 4% mortgage and bail them out. They still can not pay. All they are doing is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

How about something for the rest of us? How about something those of us who played by the rules? How about something for those of us who did it right?

The proposal is simple. Everyone who has a mortgage can qualify for a 4% government backed mortgage. This would work wonders for the economy. For most middle class people, this would lower their payments by hundreds of dollars a month and give them at least one month where they would not have to pay a mortgage. Where would this money go? Some of it would probably go to pay off bills. Some of it would go into the economy to buy things. People will buy cars, appliances, have their houses remodeled. They will do any number of things, but the money will go into the economy and help keep their neighbor employed!

This is a stimulus for Americans who work hard and do as they are told. This is a stimulus we can believe in.


One Response to “Stimulus we can believe in”

  1. eileen george Says:

    What a concise and perfect example of how “real” people can make suggestions that could actually work? Who will hear them? Hopefully those of us who don’t want additional 50 days of “non-stimulus” plans. We can make a difference by contacting our representatives and letting them have alternative viewpoints that might actually fix the problem. I’m in the housing business and know there’s been some (possibily many) who are in homes they never should have been allowed to get into. The truth is prolonging that inevitable outcome doesn’t help anyone.
    I like your plan and know there’s a lot of hard working, average Americans who would enjoy a “perk” from a stimulus package that just might be the win’win we all can rally behind.
    Not everyone needs to be a homeowner and there’s nothing wrong with renting and taking some time to build a savings plan and be excited about the results of YOUR efforts rather than a handout…
    Thanks for allowing a forum to respond to your “stimulating” blog.

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