Sir, have you no decency?

Fifty five years after those words became part of the American lexicon, after the Army-McCarthy hearings, Americans can not help but to feel compelled to ask those questions again.

Tim “Turbo Tax” Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury wants to go after tax cheats. The IRS is part of the Department of the Treasury and is charged with the collection of taxes. This would not be so amusing if it had not been for the follies of leading Democrats in the tax arena for the last few months. Geithner did not pay his taxes. HHS nomineee, later withdrawn, Tom Daschle, did not pay his taxes. Congressman and pork king Charlie Rangle did not pay his taxes. When they did, they got to pay theirs without penalties and interest. Average Americans do not get that deal!

Meanwhile, on Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama has attacked the Defense Department again! He claims he has increased funding for the military, while he has actually ordered the military to cut ten percent of their budgets and killed several major weapons programs in his first month in office. Now, after helping to ram through the most pork laden bill in American history, the Spender in Chief now has the audacity to protest about cost overruns in Defense programs.

It’s a shocking fact of life that liberals are never worried about the cost of a program, unless it is a defense program. They see nothing wrong with spending millions or even hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, just to help them stay in power. Yet, spend anything on defense, it is too much.

So as this circus plays itself out in Washington, I can’t help but hear the ghostly whisper from fifty five years ago. “Sir, have you no decency? Sir, have you no shame?”


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