A little town in Texas

Winnsboro, Texas is a picturesque little town. It is east of Dallas, some where between Interstate 30 and Interstate 20. According to the Chamber of Commerce, it has about 3,500 people. It is in the fifth congressional district and it is getting a lot of pork money.

How much pork money? How about $134,000,000.00? That’s One hundred and thirty four million, for those who don’t want to count the zeros. Two Republican Senators represent Texas and their congressman is one Jeb Hensarling. If you go to his website, ironically, he features a couple of photos of him, “standing up against pork”. http://www.house.gov/hensarling/

Why does Winnsboro, Texas need $134,000,000? For that much money, you would think this would create tens of thousands of jobs. It is predicted that this will create a shade over 2000 jobs.

Among the other outrages, the stimulus has given Winnsboro $12,000,000 (that’s 12 million) for “Pending Recruitment of a Windmill Production Company. For $12,000,000, Winnsboro will get 24 new jobs. Now, I’ll admit I am a product of the public schools, but that translates to $500,000 per job. That is insane!

Another project gives Winnsboro $6,000,000 for “Incentives for non-polluting industries to relocate in area. At least for that one, they are anticipating one thousand jobs. There is another $5,000,000 for medical facilities expansion, which will create a whopping 20 jobs. (Isn’t that $250,000 per job?)

All told, Winnsboro is getting $134,000,000.00. For this, all told, they will create, 2113 jobs. Now we all know how accurate government statistics are, so it probably means that for twice the money, we will get half the jobs.

I am sure that Winnsboro is a really nice place. I bet the people in Winnsboro are the all-American types. I am sure they own guns, go to church, meet at the local VFW and vote republican.

But it is an absolute abomination that this kind of money is being spent on this small town. Unfortunately, this is only a small portion of the stimulus story. You will not hear about this from the mainstream media.

Can someone explain the tax dollars paid by my neighbors in Tennessee going to pay for things that the community of Winnsboro should be paying for themselves?

It is this kind of spending that will bankrupt our nation and destroy our children’s future.

If we let this happen!


2 Responses to “A little town in Texas”

  1. I grew up in Winnsboro, Texas. I would just appreciate it if they would resurface the street my parents live on!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Have you actually read the stimulus package… the 1,000 page document? I have. There are no earmarks and it is doubtful Winnsboro will get a dime.

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