Would the last American with money please turn out the lights?

How much longer is this insanity going to last? I keep thinking I am going to wake up from a nightmare in which we did not elect Barack Obama President. A nightmare in which Nancy Pelosi is not sitting there, cackling, “I’ll tax you and your little dog too!”

Every day, there is new and insane spending. The latest, Secretary of State Clinton has promised that we will spend $2,800,000,000.00 for the reconstruction of Gaza. (That’s 2.8 billion for those who don’t want to count the zeros!)

My father spent 28 years in the Air Force. From him I learned many creative, unique and very obscene ways to express my displeasure. Every day, I feel like using more of them!

$2.8 billion, not only for reconstruction of Gaza but to bring HAMAS refugees from Gaza to America. Hello??? Hamas is an international terrorist organization. What are we doing importing terrorists to this country?

And, why are we rebuilding Gaza? Two points of interest to emphasize this. First, the Israelis pounded the living crap out of Gaza because Hamas was using Gaza to shoot rockets into Israel and kill hundreds of it’s citizens. They are the architects of their own problems. Why are we paying to clean them up? Second, does anyone remember 9/11? One of my most vivid memories of that day is the people in Gaza cheering the attacks on the twin towers and the death of Americans. These people cheered the death of American taxpayers and now American taxpayers are bailing them out? Is it just me, or in the immortal word of Lloyd Bridges, “Did I pick the wrong week to quit sniffing glue?”

Last week, Obama introduced a $3,600,000,000,000.00 budget. (Again, that’s $3.6 trillion). That comes out to $25,000 for every man, woman and child in America. In my home state of Tennessee, the average single family income is…. $25,000. In the 90’s, we used to joke about the new 1040CLINTON tax form. It was pretty simple. Line one, you put your total income. There was no line two. You mailed line one to the IRS.

Suddenly, that’s not a joke anymore.


2 Responses to “Would the last American with money please turn out the lights?”

  1. Tom Awtry Says:

    Very well said and understood!

    I favor President Obama’s Stimulus plan, as you can see by my recent posting:


    An sure hope it works for all Americans, everywhere!

  2. Ray Coombs Says:

    The Wall Street Journal article could not been more skewed of the facts. All of my liberal friends are steadily turning on their own base. In fact, recently I have actually had friends apologize for casting a liberal vote. They, as I have, became increasingly dissatisfied with an agenda that put America last. Illustrating these seemingly clandestine policies mature into additional governmental control. I am certainly not an expert in economics but do hold a Master’s Degree in business, majoring in Finance and Economics.
    Plain and simple, you cannot manipulate the market, you cannot prop up companies, and when the attempt is made it only lengthens the agony and prolongs death. Companies will survive when smart decisions are made. AIG made very bad decisions and are going to continue to follow that same path, GM was riding high last January selling 9.3 million cars for ‘07, is 8.3 million cars for ’08 such a bad thing? Are they still going to manufacture 100 thousand cars a month extra? Begs the question, should you stop producing beyond demand? Do you order 4 Big Macs at McDonalds every time because once you ate 4 in one sitting (actually I was 18 at the time)?
    I am a conservative, not Democrat and not Republican, Two year’s ago I asked the question “would a real American statesman and leader please stand up?” Still waiting. I have seen a few that have done pretty well but morph into something else under the pressure of the political machine. I long for a leader that says what they mean and means what they say. The double speak, politically correct, declaration gymnastics, alternative definition, dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful, cunning, comes down to one thing here in the country I grew up, they call it lying. We are tired of it and what it to stop!

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