What does Carlos know?

What does Carlos Know?

A lot of people write the President of the United States on any given day. Some are citizens, some political or business leaders. Some are even crackpots. Few letters to the President get much attention. One was recently written that has not gotten much attention.

But it should.

Illich Rameriez Sanchez was born in 1949 in Venezuela. His father was a committed Marxist, who named his son after Vladimir Illych Lenin. Sanchez is more commonly known in popular culture as “Carlos the Jackal”.

Sanchez was a well-known terrorist in the 70’s. He was eventually arrested in 1994 and remains in a French prison today.

But now, he has written President Obama. While this letter should get at least some mention in the drive by media, it isn’t. If it weren’t for the alternative media, we would not hear about this.

In his letter, Sanchez first congratulates Obama for agreeing to shut down the “secret CIA jails”. This should be our first clue. When a terrorist congratulates the President for doing something, we should all be able to figure out that it is not a good idea and Obama is not acting in the national interest.

Sanchez goes further. He wants Obama’s help in finding a missing terrorist. In 1995, a man he refers to as “our comrade”, one Bruno Breguet disappeared. Sanchez accuses western intelligence agencies, with the help of NATO naval units, of kidnapping Breguet.

The letter raises many questions. Perhaps the first and most important is why does this international terrorist believe he would get a sympathetic ear from the man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The fact that he apparently believes this is disturbing. Given Obama’s history and his early policies, which seem to have no purpose, other than to tank the American economy, this becomes even more disturbing.

Sanchez closes his letter with a salutation that might be more appropriate for Fidel Castro, than an American President.

He says, “I remain, Mister President, yours in revolution. Carlos.”

It begs the question. What does Carlos know that we do not?


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