Can the Republicans ever get anything right?

Why can’t Republicans ever get it right?

I was on Capitol Hill a few weeks ago. The air was electric. For the first time since reconstruction, the Republicans had a majority in the State House. Jason Mumpower was destined to be the next Republican speaker. While I was on the hill that day, I walked past Speaker Naifeh’s office and felt an uneasy stirring. My friends on Capitol Hill had assured me, all 50 Republicans were on board.

Getting 50 Republicans to do something is sort of like herding cats. And remember, there is a reason why we have the expression, RINO. I wondered if, and hoped that the party leadership on the Hill was trying to pick off an extra Democrat or two. 1 vote is a very thin margin, especially when some of those are as Margaret Thatcher used to say, “wobbly.”

Liberals never willingly concede power. The Republicans should have known something was in the works, even if they did not know what it was.

Now, the Republicans are left with three unpleasant choices for the future.

First, they can kick Kent Williams out of the party. As soon as he was elected, there was an immediate call for just that and the State party is now working on this. Of course, if they do, he can just declare himself a Democrat and if he really wants to get even, he can just do what Naifeh did. He can cut Republicans out of all committee chairmanships and kill all the legislation the GOP wanted passed.

Second, they can let him be. If he gives some of the important committee chairmanships to Republicans, then we can hold off on our ideas for revenge until the next election. Unfortunately, Williams is Naifeh’s lapdog. Naifeh will be calling the shot and this could do as much to ruin the Republican brand at the state level as George Bush has done at the national level.

The final option is to try and flip Williams back. Tell him he can stay in the party and there will be no reprisals. But, he is going to have to appoint only Republicans to committee chairmanships and he going to have to advance the agenda that Mumpower and Glen Casada, among others were pushing. No one trusts a traitor and so I doubt this option even comes on the table. But there would be some irony if the Democrats pushed this guy and he turned around and bit them!

No matter what happens, the next two years are going to be interesting and regardless, the 2010 legislative races just started. Yesterday.


One Response to “Can the Republicans ever get anything right?”

  1. Why is he a traitor for wanting to work with both? 30% of America is moderate and in the middle.Both parties have some good ideas. Why should any one person subscribe only to one party or the other?

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