Is the spending, dummy!

It’s the spending, dummy!

We all remember the famous banner than hung in the Clinton 92 election headquarters, “It’s the economy stupid!” For Obama, maybe he should hang up a sign that says, “It’s the spending, dummy!”

For the first time in almost 15 years, the democrats are salivating. They have control of the White House as well as both houses of Congress. How quickly can they spend money and quickly can they raise taxes.

But, there is rain on the liberal’s parade. The economy is tanking. Even a professional dimwit like Harry Reid knows that if they do not fix the economy and quickly, the Democrats will be kicked back to being a minority party and Obama will be a one term President.

While the Democrats try to come up with more idiotic ways to spend money, which won’t help the economy, there is one area of spending they could think about that is desperately needed and will help the economy.

Military spending.

This is anathema to liberals. Barney Frank, the expert in crashing the home mortgage system, not to mention the national economy, has called for an immediate 25% cut in defense spending.

The problem is, we have been at war for the last seven years. What liberals don’t seem to realize is that the job of the military is not to build latrines, while sitting in a part of the world where we have no national interest, the job of the military is to go in harm’s way to protect our nation. And when the military does, it uses its equipment. And a lot of that equipment gets broken or simply wears out because of the increased tempo of wartime operations.

George Bush tried to do the war on the cheap. He only reluctantly supported the surge and has not really supported the necessary expansion of the size of the military. Now, after seven years, much of the equipment has been lost, damaged or just worn out.

Increasing spending on the defense sector has a number of benefits beyond the obvious. Building jets, trucks, Humvees, rifles, bullets, artillery pieces, and other gear puts Americans to work. The ripple effect is enormous. Not only do the manufacturers put people to work, but also their suppliers put people to work. These employees go spend money in their communities. This is one of the best ways to fight a recession.

The other benefit is, the military is ready, when we need it.

Unfortunately, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the entire cast of idiots would rather see a recession than spending money on something our government is actually supposed to spend money for.


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