Republicans, the magic wimps.

Republicans, the magic wimps!

The first part of this was not predictable. The second part was.

We have all heard about former Tennessee GOP chairman and RNC wannabe Chip Saltsman’s decision to send out CDs for Christmas presents. It wasn’t just any CD. It was Paul Shanklin’s parody CD, featuring the now famous, “Obama the magic Negro.”

Unlike most of the liberals, who are now in uber-whine mode, I’ve listened to Obama the magic Negro. I’ve laughed at it. It is funny. Unless, of course, you are a humorless liberal.

The liberal reaction was very predictable. Paul Yarrow, the writer of the original ‘Puff the magic dragon’, was “offended”. The usually litany of liberal invective followed. It was racist, mean-spirited and divisive. And of course, the libs immediately demanded that all Republicans denounce Saltsman. What’s amazing is that many of them did. Republicans have this paranoid fear of what liberals will say about them. It is almost a pathological desire to be liked that borders on the psychosis of a battered woman.

When I see liberals in outrage about something like this, I half expect to see the Starship Enterprise kicking into warp drive, towing a planet sized banner labeled “hypocrisy!”

Given some of the things the left has said over the last few years about conservatives, or non-conservative Republicans like George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powel, no liberal should be allowed to be outraged for at least 100 years.

Unfortunately, the Republican response was, at best, pathetic. Mike Duncan, current RNC Chairman, RINO, and generally useless individual, was “shocked and appalled.” Being shocked and appalled about this is the very reason we need to see this bozo ushered to the unemployment line. Unfortunately other Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon, including former House Speaker and 21st Century RINO, Newt Gingrich.

The Republicans need to take a chapter from the Rush Limbaugh textbook. When the song was first played on Rush’s show, there was the beginning of an outrage. Rush simply acted like a man and told the liberals what they could do with their “outrage.”

The Republican Party has enough troubles as it is. It would be nice if the leader of the Republican Party had at least an ounce of testosterone.


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