Peace: Just another word for surrender!

For the last 72 hours or so (at the time of this writing), Israel has been pounding the Gaza strip, a small swath of land, currently controlled by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

And of course, all the usual suspects came out, denouncing Israel for engaging in the basic right of self-defense. The Washington Post whined that attacking Gaza was Ehud Olmtert’s “final failure”. His other major failure, according to the Post, was simply not to surrender and let the Muslim fanatics that are Hamas and Hezbollah march the Jews into the sea.

Although it is sometimes hard to tell from the media coverage, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert did not just wake up three days ago, decide he was having a bad day and instead of kicking his dog, he decided to bomb Gaza.

Gaza, as we currently know it, was born of another bad idea. The land for peace deals that Israel has been making for the last thirty years. For the first thirty years of Israel’s existence, they had a very simple philosophy. If they were attacked, they would destroy the other side on the battlefield. That philosophy worked well in the wars of 48, 67, and the Yom Kippur war of 73. Many people forget that, despite a surprise attack, Israel seized the Sinai from Egypt, crossed the Nile and had basically encircled Cairo.

Then, in 1977, Jimmy Carter invited the Israelis and the Egyptians to Camp David for the Camp David peace talks. All you need to know is that, if Jimmy Carter has an idea or supports an idea, you know it is a bad idea. Camp David started the concept of land for peace.

Since 1977, there have been a series of peace talks and agreements between Israel and the Arabs. The result of those has been the creation of a small, hostile, mini-nation, on Israel’s border, which is used to launch attacks into Israel.

So, after hundreds of rockets were being launched into its territory, Israel fought back. Good for the Israelis.

In Israel, as well as this country, we have a vocal, if not small contingent of people who believe that we should never fight back. Like the Israelis, we should just keep taking the hits. After 9/11, instead of fighting the terrorists, we should have apologized to them and tried to understand them.

What the Israelis and the Americans need to learn and learn quickly is, in the 21st century, “peace” is too often just another word for surrender.


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