The death of conservatism

The Death of Conservatism.

Conservatism is not dead. Not yet. But like the patient in intensive care, who’s loved ones stare at the monitors showing the failing vital signs, praying for the miracle, just before the flat line, today’s conservative movement needs a priest for the final rites.

Conservatism itself has not failed. Indeed, conservatism remains superior to liberalism across the board. With doctrines of free enterprise, limited government, the rights of the citizen being endowed by their creator, not given at the whim of a government and of individual rights and responsibilities, conservatism provides man the greatest opportunity for freedom and success.

Conservatives have failed conservatism.

Conservatives have had a pipe dream for the last 20 years. We have dreamed of another Reagan. If only we had another Reagan. He’d lead and the country would be conservative.


We had Reagan. In 1984, he had the greatest electoral landside in the history of Presidential politics. Yet he could not get conservative control of the House of Representatives and within two years had lost control of the senate.

Reagan’s nemesis, even though at a personal level they were quite friendly, was Democratic House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neil. While O’Neil’s policies were way off base, he was as sharp a political mind as you could find. One of O’Neil’s great quotes was, “All politics is local”

Liberals learned this, conservatives never did.

Conservatives for the last 20 years have lived the pipe dream that if we just elect another Reagan as President, we will go to the promised land of conservatism! As Dr. Phil would ask, ‘how’s that working for you?’ Conservatism’s death began twenty years ago, this January, and except for a brief revival in 95-97 with the “Contract with America”, has been obvious and predictable.

We are writing the obituary for conservatism today because conservatism ignored O’Neil’s mantra that all politics is local. Conservatives have abandoned large segments of the state and local political landscape to liberals.

Doubt me? Fine, show me a single big city that has a conservative mayor or city counsel? How about a large city with a conservative school board? How about at the State level? How about state boards of education or state college boards? Conservatives have abandoned the educational sector to liberals. Look at our schools. They don’t teach much well and spend far too much time on indoctrination. Even at southern colleges and universities, the faculties are overwhelmingly liberal. University funding goes to subsidized liberals on the lecture circuit. Conservatives are almost never invited to receive University money. Entire departments at Universities are nothing but factories for indoctrination. Where are the conservatives who are standing up against this? They are few and far between. And almost none of them are on a state board of regents.

Having conceded perhaps the most important parts of the ideological battlefield to the liberals, is it a surprise that conservatism is now on it’s deathbed?

Many of my conservative friends believe we will rebound in 10 or 12. Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal aren’t going to revive conservatism. The only thing that will revive conservatism is a true agenda.

When Ronald Reagan entered the Oval Office he had a plan. His goal was to destroy the Soviet Union within eight years. Conservatism needs a leader that will set equally ambitious goals, including the destruction of liberalism. Unfortunately, I don’t see that leader on the horizon.


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