The war of the Reds

War of the Reds.

The predictable civil war has begun. While many Republicans are asking why John McCain lost the Presidential Election, some Republicans are asking, “why was this guy even our nominee?”

It’s a good question. As recently as 2002, McCain openly talked about switching parties. McCain fought every conservative initiative of the Bush administration (there weren’t that many).

Of course, in the last few days, that alleged Republican and RINO poster child, Colin Powell announced that the GOP should abandon the small town value of Sarah Palin and ignore Rush Limbaugh.

The Republican Party has two major constituencies. The first are the country club Republicans. Their motto is, we are like the Democrats, only different. The problem is, they mostly want to be Democrat lite. There is an old political joke that goes, what is the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? With the Democrats you get more of the same and will the Republicans you get less of the same.

If you are a conservative, the good news is, there are more of us than there are RINOs in the Republican Party. The bad news is the RINO’s are much better than the rank and file conservatives at organizing and securing party offices.

The noted political thinker Rush Limbaugh has said it best. “When Republicans run as Republicans, we win.”

The semi-annual Republican civil war is now on. If the RINOs win, we can count on a two-term Obama administration and the loss of control of congress for at least a decade.

For America, the conservatives must win this fight!


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