Invasion of the communist nurses!

The Invasion of the communist nurses!

On Monday, the 15th, some lunatics decided to protest at the Southern Hills Medical Center. Their beef? Southern Hills had shut down its obstetric unit.

As always, there is more to this story.

Southern Hills in Nashville is owned by HCA, a private, for Profit Corporation. Southern Hills is in a part of Nashville that is predominately immigrant. Predominately, illegal immigrant. HCA claims the reason they shut down the Obstetrics unit was due to the resignation of its entire OB-GYN staff. I suspect the real reason was, their unit was flooded with illegal aliens, who came to have their “anchor babies” then left and never paid their medical bills. It should be a concern for HCA as HCA is a for-profit corporation.

The “National Nurses Organizing Committee” organized the protest. Never heard of them? Neither had I. They are a radical, union group. If you go on their website, they quite openly call for a single payer health care system in the United States. In other words, socialized medicine.

Like so many other liberals, the National Nurses Organizing Committee believes they should get something and not have to pay for it. They believe health care should be funded by the government, like it is in most of Europe and Canada. Perhaps they should ask how well that is going? Perhaps they have not heard of the news reports from Britain, where people are having to pull their own teeth because it takes months just to get a dental appointment, when it is an emergency.

Need an MRI? I had one done a while back. My doctor ordered it; I went from his office to the hospital. I had my results back. Elapsed time? Three hours. Want an MRI in Canada? Get on the waiting list. You’ll be lucky if you get one in seven months!

Canada’s health system is not in total collapse because it has a backup plan. If there are too many patients for certain specialties, like neo natal intensive care, they just send the patients down to the United States, where our efficient health care system gets them prompt treatment. Indeed, things are so bad in Canada right now; the father of their socialized medicine has called for the reintroduction of private insurance!

Meanwhile, back in what used to be part of America, Nashville, a nitwit nurse stood outside of Southern Hills, holding a sign saying, “our lives are more important than your profits.”

Please, even if I am dying, do not let that nurse treat me. Don’t let her treat anyone. She is too stupid to be a nurse. While she is sitting there, decrying profits, she seems to forget who pays her check. Profits pay her check. The next time she gives a shot, perhaps she should think about where that medicine comes from. Some corporation, making a profit, created and manufactured that drug. When was the last time you heard of a new drug being developed by one of these countries with socialized medicine? Here’s a hint, they don’t.

The National Nurses Organizing Committee could care less about profits. It is a typical union. It supports check card legislation, making it easier to coerce employees into joining a union. It could care less whether or not a hospital makes a profit. After all, it wants the government to fund everything. Oh, and where do the taxes come from that would pay for all of this? Profits!

Most disturbing was a sign that has been put up near the hospital, protesting the closing of the obstetrics unit. It says, “Nosotros Merecemos”. I don’t speak Spanish, but I am told that means, “We demand”. It is beyond comprehension that the illegal immigrants and their enablers have moved beyond simply breaking the law, but now demand that a for profit company subsidize illegal immigration.

It is beyond stupid. It is dangerous.


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