Press 1 for common sense

In Nashville, like most major cities, we have a single, morning newspaper. The Tennessean is, well, to be generous, mediocre. The best section of the paper is the coupon section. It is owned by Gannett, which puts its editorial policy somewhere to the left of Karl Marx.

Today’s paper had a story about, “Languages and Cultures pose health care challenges.” If you are looking for common sense at the paper many Tennesseans used to refer to as the Gore Gazette, you are going to have to do a whole lot more than press 1 on your phone.

The article mentions, then promptly glosses over a staggering fact. Doctors are now required to provide all medical information in the patient’s language and to have someone on staff to translate.

That little bit of insanity is courtesy of the federal government. I wish I could blast Democrats for that, but that comes from the administration of George “open the borders wider” Bush.

The first, obvious question is, why are doctors, most of whom are in private practice, forced to bear this expense? Of course, the doctor’s don’t really bear that expense. It gets passed along to the rest of us, through our insurance premiums and through our taxes, as we pick up the tab for the illegal immigrants, who simply skip out on their medical bills.

Nashville has a population of almost 620,000. According to this story, last year, almost 60,000 patients were seen who spoke Spanish. That’s equal to almost 10% of the population of this city.

The kind of politically-correct nonsense that the Tennessean spews out is what has driven a referendum in Davidson County to make English the official language of Nashville and requiring all, non-emergency, official communications of the city be done in English.

The left has come out against this measure, screaming the usual phrases of the left. It is mean spirited, not inclusive, and will drive business away. They have complained about the cost of the referendum, yet fought it every step of the way. You can usually tell when the left is worried about a conservative initative, because they complain about the cost, try to trivialize the inititive, and then pull out all the stops to kill the initiative.

Some conservative friends of mine also oppose this referendum. I don’t live in Davidson County. If I did, I’d vote for it.

In the great scheme of things, passing this referendum won’t change much. By statute, English is the official language of the State of Tennessee. Metro can’t change that. But those who make that argument and others miss the point. There is a large percentage of the population of middle Tennessee and America that is past the boiling point on immigration. We are tired of being treated as second-class citizens, as our government bends over backwards to cater to people who violated our laws to get here. We are tired of bending over backwards to those who come here and do not have the common decency to learn our language and customs. We are tired of those who have come from someplace else and expect us to give up our culture in favor of their culture. We are sick of pressing 1 for English.

The English only referendum is not about which language is spoken. It is about hearing the voice of a large number of citizens who are, to quote the famous line from the movie Network, “are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more.”


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