Loosing their cool over global warming

Losing their cool over global warming.

Anyone who reads the news from AP knows that AP maybe the worst offender in the list of journalists who believe that the only news fit to print is the news that supports their agenda.

One of the latest examples of this is a piece by Seth Bornstein, who hysterically announces, quoting Al “I invented the internet” Gore, that the time to delay is over, the time for denial is over.

Unfortunately, AP is in denial that there are two sides to this story. Fox News maybe fair and balanced, but AP will never be found guilty of such an offense. To call the AP news propaganda is to have the gift of understatement. While any statement made by President Bush or the Republicans must be countered by at least two voices on the left, when the loony left makes idiotic comments about anything in general, and global warming in particular, not a contrary word will be found.

Newspapers continue to drop the Associated Press as the source of their news. Can you really blame them. It’s hard to take an organization seriously that has so much trouble distinguishing the difference between news and wishful thinking.


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