The not so long goodbye of Rod Blagojevich

The not so long goodbye of Rod Blogajevich.

The sharks are circling around Blogajevich. The presumptively corrupt Chicago politician and Illinois governor, who was charged this week, with a slew of federal offenses, defiantly announced he would not resign. But then, this morning, news reports indicated he was “considering” resigning.

Media reports, especially when they concern the scandals of Democratic politicians, are sometimes wishful thinking. I’m sure team Obama would like this to drop down the memory hole, immediately.

Blagojevich has other fish to fry, and little time to do it.

In a criminal case, the lawyer, and ultimately the defendant, has to consider two things. First, can the government prove its case? Second, if the government can, what kind of deal can the defendant cut?

In the case of Blagojevich, it looks like the government can prove its case and send the presumptively corrupt Governor and possibly his wife, off to federal prison for a very long time.

In his fight against the Department of Justice, Blagojevich only has a couple of chips to barter with. The first is his ability to resign his office. It is something the Feds will certainly demand. The second is his ability to roll over and name names. Tony Rezko did that. The convicted Chicago businessman did so and part of his cooperation helped the feds land Blagojevich.

Under Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the only way to reduce your sentence and get other benefits, such as being sent to Club Fed instead of a maximum-security facility, is to cooperate. Blagojevich surely knows that his days are numbered. One of President Obama’s first acts will be to sack the U.S. Attorney for Chicago. Since Blagojevich has been indicted, that move will not help him, but would stop any investigation that could lead to another certain Chicago politician.

The next few days will be interesting to watch. The first sign that Blagojevich has cut a deal with the Department of Justice maybe his sudden resignation.


One Response to “The not so long goodbye of Rod Blagojevich”

  1. Or it could go the other way and the media exposure could make it so Obama cant fire anyone without it looking like an attempt to cover something up that might expose him.

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