A day without a conservative?

The major non-event of the day was the so-called, “Day without a gay.” The drive-by media first hyped this, then back peddled when they realized what a bust this was. Our local paper, the Tennessean, parroted the party line that people did not participate because they feared, in this economy to take a day off.

I suspect I know the real reason this protest was a bust.

Like the “Day without an immigrant” held two years ago, no one cared.

I propose we have a protest that people would care about. How about “A day without a conservative.”

A day without a conservative would be a protest that would carry a lot of weight. We conservatives should not only pick a day when we are going to call in a vacation day, sick day or something similar. But, instead of just staying home or going out for a good time, sort of like the twelfth grade, “senior skip day,” conservatives should rally in the state capital and major cities of every state.

Contrary to the wisdom of the drive-by media, conservatism is not dead. But now is the time we are going to have to stand up for our rights. This spring, we will see a new push for Amnesty. We will see the Obama administration attack our wallets with new taxes and disastrous fiscal policy. We will see more attacks on our basic freedoms, including free speech, political discourse and the right to petition our government for redress and, of course, the coming attack on our Second Amendment rights.

Our elected leaders seem to forget that the Constitution states that our leaders derive their power from the consent of the governed. The only thing our “public servants” seem to fear is an enraged block of voters who threaten to send them into retirement.

We need to remind them, they work for us, not the other way around. A day with conservatives not at work, but on the streets in massive numbers, is something they won’t forget for a long time.


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