Why we need to grow the Williamson County Republican Party

All Politics is local—Tip O’Neil

We Republicans in Williamson County are a complacent lot.  And why not?  Republicans control most of the offices in the County.  From County Mayor, through the County Commission, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, Public Defender, State Senator, both State Representatives, both General Sessions Judges and 3 of the 4 Circuit Court judges (one of the judges was recently appointed and has not run for election yet).

With all of this, what is there to be worried about?


Republicans will ask, when was the last time a Democrat carried Williamson County?  The answer is, two years ago.  Phil Bredesen won reelection, carrying all 95 Tennessee Counties, including Williamson.  He defeated Jim Bryson in his home county.    In the Presidential election, just a few weeks ago, Obama won a third of the vote in Williamson County.

What is there to be worried about?

Consider Colorado.  Ten years ago, it was solidly Republican.  Today, it is solidly Democrat.   Colorado had an infusion of people and money from California.  These people supported liberal and Democratic causes and Colorado went from red to blue.

What is there to be worried about?

We have a similar influx in Williamson County.   30 years ago, this county was solidly Democrat and I’m sure the chairman of the Democratic Party back then said, Williamson County would always be Democratic.   Today it is solidly Republican and I have heard Republicans say, it will be this way in the future.

That will happen only if we go out and grow the party.  We need to aggressively grow the party.  We need to bring friends and family into the party.  We need to get these people active in the party.

I was talking to a neighbor before the election.  She is a solid conservative, but she was thinking about voting for Obama.  Why?  The sound bites she heard on TV made Obama sound almost as conservative as Reagan.  We, the party activists, knew better.  I hope my friend did not vote for Obama, but one thing is certain.  I need to get her and others like her involved in the party.

That way, Williamson County will stay Republican.


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